Day 25 – Fog – off road – fog

The Isle de Sees hotel was a family run affair and Monsieur greeted me and Madame showed me to my room.  It was the most comfortable bed I have slept on in the last 25 days, the shower, although within a bath, was excellent, and there were plenty of power points.  I sat down and composed the blog and then went down for supper at 1940.  There were only a handful of people staying so service was attentive.  I had  large beer and then opted for the Logis Formule menu for 28 euros and had a very tasty terrine salad for starter, kidneys in a mustard sauce and a plateful of various local cheeses.  It was all very good, with half a bottle of Sancerre and I returned to the blog well sated.


Breakfast too was up there with the best on the trip (Forli was marginally better). Eggs, ham and cheese with the usual croissants and bread and I made the most of it.  However outside it was foggy again.  Fortunately I did not have much riding on main roads so I was not too concerned but I put on the rear light just in case.  I passed through a few hamlets before Rita told me to turn up a rough track.  I followed her advice and it was an easy ride to the next bit of tarmac.  This was a pattern of the day.  I'm not sure what I was thinking of when I plotted the route but I spent more time on rough tracks and even grass headlands than I did on the road.  Actually it was rather fun.  


I slightly dreaded a puncture or dropping into a big pothole but for the most part the tracks were in very good order and followed the headlands of large fields.  


Only in one place did I have to GOAP when I saw a big sea of mud in front of me.  Fortunately I was able to walk round it easily and remount the other side.


I was only about 8 miles from Caen when I left the final track and had to take to a busy main road into the city centre.  To gird my loins I stopped at a snack bar and had a pannini.  It was an interesting ride.  I kept finding myself on the main highway instead of the cycle lane but eventually made it to the castle which was my destination.