Cycling round Wales


I’ve harboured a wish to visit Berlin for many years: I’m not sure why particularly but it has a reputation as an interesting city and, when combined with the rococo​​ palaces at Potsdam, is a must for the bucket list. ​​ So in January I worked out a route to cycle there and back but soon decided that flying there and cycling home would make more sense. ​​ The new route was planned, spending time in Berlin and then cycling down to Dresden and Leipzig, through a large chunk of the old GDR and back through Cologne, Belgium and France to a ferry at Le Havre. ​​ I booked all the hotels in advance, giving myself about 60 miles cycling each day and all seemed well.

Then came Covid 19! ​​ I did nothing until the middle of June but, as time moved on I realised that it was probably not the most sensible thing to

1. Get on an aeroplane

2. try to ride a bicycle through three foreign countries and​​ 

3. hope that I could get a ferry back to the​​ UK.

So, as an alternative I have decided to cycle around Wales. ​​ I’ve done much of England and cycled around the coast of Ireland but never really touched Wales. ​​ Cancelling the German trip was easy: an hour on took care of that and, as I had​​ not booked flight or ferry, that was that. I’ve planned a route that takes me from home in South East Somerset, over the old Severn Bridge to Chepstow for the night and then clockwise around the Welsh coast, following it as close to the sea as practicable​​ and taking the odd detour to significant sights. I plan to go around Anglesey and then along the north coast to Chester and thence follow the very wiggly boundary through the Welsh marches, arriving back at Home farm 15 days later. I’ll see a lot of castles and some quite significant hills especially along the English border but I’m feeling pretty fit and have completed a couple of 100 mile rides to test my legs. Since January I’ve been cycling at least 100 miles a week, even during lockdown, so the 60 or so miles a day I’m proposing shouldn’t be too hard

A close up of a map

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So​​ on 16th​​ August I’m off on my latest adventure. ​​ Hotels are all booked and I hope that there are no further lockdowns that will prevent me completing it. I’ll blog daily if I can get a Wifi signal which​​ may prove hard in some places.



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