Day 19 – The Cliffs of Insanity

Day 19 - The Cliffs of Insanity


Last night I went out quite late, after completing most of the blog and had a really excellent meal at Alex Findlater & Company who are fishmongers who also run a restaurant.  It wasn’t  cheap but my word it was good.  I started with floured squid with a chilli mayo and then went on to Haddock and chips and finished with 3 flavours of home made gelato.  The batters that they used were beautifully light and a mile away from what you tend to get in the chip shop.  That extra cost was oh so worthwhile and the freshness of the fish shone through.


Today was, hopefully,  the last off the bike so I thought that I would try to catch up on some of the sights that I have missed by travelling from Galway to Limerick by train.  To that end I booked a coach tour with Paddywagon Tours who run coaches all over Ireland.


I had to be at Arthur’s Quay, about 7 minutes from the hotel, for a 930am pick up, so I left the hotel in plenty of time for breakfast at the Petit Paris cafe.  I opted for the “healthy” version which had poached eggs, grilled bacon and tomato and duly arrived at the pick-up point at 9am so had a bit of a wait.  The coach had started at Cork and had a good load on already so with those of us who got on in Limerick it was just about full.  There were the usual anti-social element with cases on seats but the driver Paul sorted it out and we left Limerick in light rain.  A large number of the passengers, including my companion, were Spanish so conversation was impossible and I watched the countryside.


We headed up to Shannon and joined the motorway for a short distance before branching off to Ennis and Ennistimon and hitting the coast at Lahinch which is where we joined the route that I would have taken on my bike, only in reverse because I would have been coming from Galway.  Lahinch golf course is due to host the Irish Open next year and the links looked in good nick with lots of golfers out on what was a sunny but very windy day.  We climbed the hill and five miles later we were at the Cliffs of Moher car park and visitor centre at about 11am. Paul gave us strict instructions to be back by 1245 or he would leave without us.  He also advised great caution as there was a significant wind blowing.  Indeed there is a weather station readout in the Visitor Centre which was showing winds of 40mph.





I went straight out to the cliffs and took some pictures, including a selfie. It was quite hard work walking into the wind and, in places, the waves hitting the cliffs were throwing spray over the paths 500 feet above them.


These are the Cliffs of Insanity from the film The Princess Bride.