Day 31 – The Norman Way

Day 31 - The Norman Way


I’ve never known a city quite as dead as Waterford was last night.  Both the pub and the restaurant Oli recommended were closed. He also suggested that I visit the Catholic and Protestant Cathedrals, both designed by the same architect, local man John Roberts, in the 18th Century.  Sadly the Protestant Christ Church Cathedral closed at 5 but there was a service in the Most Holy Trinity and I poked my nose in.  It is a lovely light and airy building, not over decorated as many Catholic churches. Oli said, by contrast, that Christ Church is dark and dingy.


Waterford celebrates its Viking roots: it is the oldest city in Ireland founded in 914 and remained a Viking stronghold until the Anglo-Normans under the 2nd Earl of Pembroke, nicknamed Strongbow took over.  There is an amusing pair of bronze statue/seats of Strongbow and his wife Aoife in the Viking triangle, the area of the city that houses museums and churches