Day 32

Day 32 - East coast ramble


The answer to last night’s question was that Wexford was not a lot more lively than Waterford. Georgina told me that the town had lots of good eating places but the only one I could find near to the B&B was the Thomas Moore Tavern which looked pretty dead from the outside.  I think that the Irish Government is trying to reduce alcohol consumption, so there is a tax on alcohol and every bar looks from the outside as though it’s closed.  I thought that I’d wander up the street to see if anything else took my fancy: however the main street is well over half a mile long so my wander took a little while.  Eventually I found a Tapas Bar which was, confusingly, both Spanish and Italian but I went in and had a good meal of Patatas Bravas and porcini risotto washed down with another bottle of Little Willie Tank Ale.


There were few people around as I walked back to Abbey House, past the National Opera House, unassuming at street level but grand within. It was built 10 years ago, in Wexford, as a result of the success of the annual opera festival that has been running since 1951, this year from 19th October through to 4 November.  It is celebrated for staging unusual and modern opera along with some of the better known repertoire and has encouraged young performers, especially Irish ones. It also brings Wexford some late tourist trade which is welcome for the hotels and restaurants.


Georgina gave me and half a dozen others a good FIB and sent me off with a warm smile.  She has been running Abbey House for 18 years with help from her husband and now two strapping sons, one of whom is a potential Leinster Rugby player.  She bemoans the lack of time off but she seems cheerful enough.  


I was away at 0941, knowing that had less than 60 miles to cycle to Wicklow.  I crossed the bridge and stopped to take a picture of the town in the murky morning.  There was a charming little garden to commemorate all children who have died in tragic circumstances