Travelling the coast of Ireland in 2018 gave me the idea of visiting the extreme points of the island of Britain so I am flying from Bristol to Inverness on 3rd September 2019, taking the train to Thurso and setting off the following morning for Dunnett Head the most northerly point of our island. I shall then travel down the east coast towards Inverness before striking off down the Great Glen towards Ardnamurchan to make the most westerly point on 8th September. Thence south through Scotland before crossing the Pennines and making for Lowestoft Ness which I should reach on 16th September. My last extreme point, the Lizard should be reached on Sunday 22nd after almost 1300 miles of travel and 54,000 feet of climbing. Please follow my progress on this website and, if you have not already done so, click on the above links to read my previous exploits.